"HEART ON THE MEND" 12004, mixed media abstract heart © Carol Nelson Fine Art

Heart on the Mend

The heart is a metaphor for the human condition.  We describe people as hard hearted, soft hearted, big hearted.  Their heart can be broken, brave, bursting, full, heavy, light, open, locked, and on and on.  

I am seeing Valentine's Day items in the stores, so I thought I would try doing some mixed media approaches to depicting this holiday all about love.  

Valentine's Day is mostly for lovers, but who hasn't had their heart broken at some time?  I actually thought of this composition while listening to Christina Perry's Jar of Hearts - a GREAT song.

This 6x6 heart is on a masonite panel and is textured with crackle paste.  The heart has cracks in it, but has red sateen ribbons holding it together - on the mend I'm thinking.

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Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Love the colors and the texture...and the sentiment! I enjoy this!!

Bren said...

saw this on your fb page and love it. Brilliant piece and concept, love that crackle

Lisa said...

Carol - I LOVE your work. I saw your workshop listings, and I am definitely going to be a part of one of those. I live in the Austin area, so I'm thinking I will attend your 4-day Dallas session. Can't wait!

Syaf Idah said...

i love your work.can i know whats the materials used for my research.

Syaf Idah said...

i love you work. can i know what you used for make this artwork for my research