AUTUMN CROSSING, 9080, botanical abstract with metals and fall colors

I could have called this painting The Kitchen Sink. I used lots of stuff in this collage including metal foils, burlap imprinting, embedded leaves, metallic paints and acrylic mediums. As usual, the metallic elements were not captured by the camera, so this painting has a lot more sparkle and pizazz in person.
The leaves are turning and falling around my house, so that was my inspiration. When I look up at all the trees in my yard with their millions of leaves, I see beauty and a LOT OF RAKING in my future.
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Dana Cooper Fine Art said...

Carol, this is a lovely abstract...I see fall everywhere I look. Bravo!

Barb said...

Very nice. Love the various texture.

Kristeena Crabb said...

This piece is visually very exciting! And I can relate to what you say about not being able to capture the "sparkle" with the camera. If you ever discover the trick to capturing that sparkle, I hope you'll share it with us.

Dana Marie said...

This is simply gorgeous, Carol!

Helen Harris said...

Like it! I've always been disappointed by photos of my own textural does lose that "sparkle" ,so I do understand.I found your work on FB..

Dean Grey said...


My, aren't you resourceful!

Care to take some leaves from my backyard while you're at it? Hahaha.

Did you paint the leaves as well or did you leave them in their natural state?

Metallic leaves would look super cool, no?