"SPRING HAS SPRUNG" 12038, mixed media collage poppy flowers © Carol Nelson Fine Art

Spring Has Sprung

This is another in my latest kick of collage painting with torn papers.  I really like the variety of color this method creates. 

Look at the individual petals and notice the numerous shades of color each one has.  It's because that particular piece of torn paper had those random colors in it.

I would never come up with that color variation on my own using a brush.  Maybe that's the secret to the appeal of these paintings.

I'm still trying to figure out why these are so appealing.
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Marla said...

Gorgeous! I've really been enjoying your torn paper work.

Is it *really* spring yet in Colorado? I'm not sure I believe you :)

Vickie said...

Ah! this is so you...I love it.

Gutsy Arts Girl said...

Love that painting Carol. I think torn papers is just a crispness to the color, blunt texture, that helps give it some spring in it's step, but honestly, I find you QUITE CAPABLE of some AMAZING texture yourself!

Megan said...

I really love the color scheme here. I'm a new follower and excited to check out moe of your work! -Megan http://nauticalowl.blogspot.com/

Carol Nelson said...

Yes, Marla, the daffodils and tulips are blooming, as well as the flowering crab apples and shrubs.

I live at about 6000 ft elevation.
Higher up in the mountains, it's what they call mud season.