Boston Vacuum Mount, 00809, pencil sharpener still life

This pencil sharpener is ancient. I can't even remember how it came to be in our family. I thought I would honor it's faithful service with a portrait. It can rest now because I bought an electric one.
For purchase information on this 6x6 original oil, please see my website:


Anonymous said...

A great idea and as usual, an exquisite painting. I saw your work in a catalog I received in the mail about a week ago. Keep painting these masterpieces.

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Carol, The way you handled the reflection is beautiful! Again, I'm loving the orange, especially the way it contrasts with the dark blues in the background.

Gerald Schwartz said...

By the way.. Great painting... Everything form the comp, to color..
Good job.

Jeb said...

I like the simplicity....great painting!

Dean Grey said...

This just rules.

At first glance one might think this painting has just blues and oranges in it, but after closer examination you can see there are a whole bunch of other colors in the details.

Love the intensity of the colors on this one, Carol.

The old-fashioned pencil sharpener reminds me of my days in grade school.

A+ on this painting!!