Aspen Leaves 4, 10x10 oil painting of fall foliage

This is the last in my aspen leaves series. Sometimes aspen leaves have a lot of red in them. There is one stand of aspens in SW Colorado that is always red in the fall and is in a spectacular setting. See painting of them on my website, The painting is under "landscapes" and is called Red Aspens.


Christa said...

So so pretty- makes me excited for fall!!!

I haven't touched my painting in a few weeks- school has started up and I am teaching at a new one so I have been very busy. Hope to finish it soon. said...

These colors are gorgeous!
I really lke your style.

Carol Nelson said...

Thank you, Tee. I always seem to find a way to get orange in many of my paintings. I've had 4 orange/terracotta kitchens over the years.