Winter in Colorado

view of Carol Nelson's house in Colorado
:Carol Nelson - Blog: "Winter and More Winter
This is a picture of my house and look at all that snow! This is one of the snowiest winters on record for Denver and the Front Range. I grew up in Minnesota, so I LOVE snow and cold weather in general, but, enough already. Usually, the sun comes out after a storm, and the snow melts in a few days. This year, I've got snowbanks along side the driveway that are 4 feet deep and have turned to concrete.
The up side of all this whiteness is that I've gotten some great reference photos for my winter paintings. So far I've painted one with water (Winter Reflections) and one with snow tracks and shadows (A Winter's Day). My only other snowy painting (Minnesota Winter) was from a photo my brother in Duluth took in his backyard.

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