IT'S HERE!!!!! Carol Nelson's Long Awaited Instructional Video......

Group shot of some of my recent class demos

Drumroll, please!!  
My new teaching video, "New Approaches to Mixed Media Materials" is now available on Craftsy. In this video I will cover 10 lessons, where I show you step by step how I make the materials I use in my abstract mixed media work.  These are techniques and materials that I've picked up from various sources - the internet, my students, and mostly my own experimentation.

You will have a front row seat, just as if you were in one of my workshops. 

The really cool thing is that this video is about more than just showing you techniques. I found in teaching around the United States, that students, especially those new to abstract composition, can be literally SURROUNDED with materials they have just made in class, yet they don't know how to get started

My "sandwich technique" solves that problem and puts you on the fast track to complete a painting is a very short period of time. I have a lot of experience with this type of work, but I wish I had thought of this approach a long time ago, because it helps me too! 

Craftsy has a wonderful platform for viewing videos (they've got hundreds of them.) You will NOT receive a cd that you have to put in a cd player on your computer or TV.  Craftsy is the fastest growing crafty community on the web with over 5 million members in over 200 countries worldwide.

Instead, you will log in to your account FROM ANY DEVICE having internet capability - your smart phone, tablet, or computer, to watch the video over and over, as often as you like. It's yours forever, and you always know where to find it. That gives you a lot of flexibility for where you can watch.  

You will be able to do a 30 second repeat, tag areas you especially want to remember, make comments, ask me questions, and post pictures of your own work!  It's ALMOST like having me right there painting next to you.  It's over 2 3/4 hours of instruction!

The link below will save you money.  The full price for the video is $39.99, but with this link, you will only pay $29.99, a $10 savings.  

Check it out by clicking this link:


TucsonPaula said...

You will LOVE Carol AND her techniques! She is upbeat, positive, and FUN! Her techniques are not difficult to do, but you will get a great outcome! In our class with her of about 20 artists, no one had a flop painting - you will succeed! I'm looking forward to this video, because in person, Carol paints FAST and moves on to another fun technique, and another, another!!

Peggy DePue said...

I would love to, yet, I live in a rural area and it would use up my data plan. Is there a way to purchase a CD or copy video when I go to Starbucks!?

Carol Nelson said...

Hi Peggy,

There is no physical cd. Instead, you set up an account at Craftsy, and any videos you purchase at Craftsy are stored forever in your account. When you're at any place with internet WiFi (like Starbucks), you can log on and watch it.

I don't believe there is a way to copy the video to your device. It's 2 3/4 hours long and would take a huge amount of storage space on your disk.



Michelle B. Hendry said...

Already enjoying the videos! Thanks for getting this online. Getting to a workshop hasn't been possible yet, so this is the next best thing. Looking forward to trying some of these techniques out!

Anonymous said...

Good site.

Miss Rosey said...

Carol, you are adorable! I loved the video. You are a fabulous teacher, clear with your instruction, excellent footage and professional. This is my first on line lesson. Thank you for a wonderful experience, all of your time, effort and sharing your techniques.

Barbara Lemley said...

Ive had a painters block for several years.

I purchased your video and Im ready to jump back on the saddle again. I ordered my Tyvek last week and Fedex just dropped it off. Im looking for my BIC lighter now, because I am pumped and
Ready to play with fire!

Thank you Carol Nelson. Your video is exciting and I cant wait for your next one!
Barbara Lemley