Create with Materials You Never Imagined

Explore vivid mixed media techniques that are off the beaten path — and create pieces that grab attention!

I'm mixed media artist Carol Nelson, and I'd like to invite you to join me in my online Craftsy class, New Approaches to Mixed Media Materials. Throughout this class, you'll expand your mixed media toolkit and find out how to incorporate these techniques into your work in exciting new ways. And because you're learning with Craftsy, this class really serves as a guidebook you can return to for years to come, whenever you need a creative boost.

 To get started, we'll create monoprints and make marbleized paper (using shaving cream!). Next we'll explore the unique characteristics of iron paint to produce interesting industrial effects.

In lesson three we'll cover stencil techniques and light and hard molding pastes, and I'll show you how to create raised surfaces and work with two intriguing foil embossing techniques for a highly dimensional finish.

Did you know that Tyvek is an art supply? In our fifth lesson we'll cover how to treat and heat this unusual material to create intriguing bubbly textures.

Then we'll turn our attention to composition and I'll show you how to use objects and shapes to create a focal point in your art. We'll also use a glue gun, foil and wire to bring expressive textural elements to your work.

Ready to play with fire? That's a highlight in our next lesson, where we'll work with clay and learn to create the look of aged metal using flaming foil.

Then we'll get creative with building supplies, using plaster of Paris and caulk to craft everything from squiggles to pebbles. Next, we'll take the fear out of working with resin, and you'll learn that mixing and applying this material is easier than it looks.

Finally, I'll show you how to incorporate all these materials into your next mixed media art work, including how to give your abstract works a strong composition.

Enroll in New Approaches to Mixed Media Materials today, and liven up your work for results that awe family and friends. I love creating many kinds of art, but abstract mixed media has become a key theme in my work as an instructor. I'm particularly inspired by the way abstract work requires the artist to bring special focus and creative energy to the process.

I'm part of the Golden Artist Educator Program (GAEP), and proud to be one of only 101 artists worldwide to obtain GAEP certification. I love sharing what I've learned with other artists through classes and workshops all over the country — including in my home studio near Denver, Colorado.

Now I'm excited to teach you on Craftsy. You'll always have a front row seat for every technique and you can ask me questions along the way. Plus share your work with the rest of your classmates and get feedback and advice.

Mixed media opens a world of creative possibilities you may have never imagined. I can't wait to share my love of this art form with you. See you in class!

Enroll in New Approaches to Mixed Media Materials for only $19.99 — that's 50% off today!

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 Carol Nelson | Craftsy Instructor


Marion Hedger said...

Hi Carol,
Your link does not work for me.

Looks like an interesting course.


Carol Nelson said...

Hi Marion,
It's working for everyone else. Maybe it's something on your end that's hanging up the connection.
Whenever I have computer problems, I turn it off, then on again. Solves a lot of problems.
Here's the link again: