"COLORS OF MUSIC -BLUE," 10160, daily painter abstract collage © Carol Nelson Fine Art


This is the second in my series, Colors of Music.  Obviously this is the blue one.  Being an abstract collage, it has lots of different stuff in it including sheet music, metal foil, rice paper, and hand painted aluminum foil.
The turquoise area in the center is the hand painted aluminum foil.  I pressed the foil around some small glass tiles for the square impressions and pressed in the coil shapes using a brush handle and a soft surface under the foil.
This 5x7 inch painting is mounted on a larger background piece and the whole thing is covered with epoxy resin.   That epoxy really makes the metallic parts shine.

This is the first one in the series - the red one.  Both of these were demonstration pieces for my Creating with Acrylics class.

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Saundra Lane Galloway said...

These really catch my eye Carol! I can tell you are having FUN! The blue is so awesome!... a change for you from your beautiful earthy pieces! NICE WORK!...and, love the poppies, and the reference you shared on process from 1007! YEA for the teacher in you!! Thanks!! I'm duly inspired!

Anonymous said...

I just happened onto your blog a couple of weeks ago and wow, you are so very talented and creative. I have been painting only for two years and really appreciate when an artist shares her knowledge and takes the time to explain how a piece has evolved. I also appreciated the May 07 when you showed process of txture....a big thank you. Karin Lynn