Long's Peak at Dawn, 15x30 acrylic

Long's Peak is a landmark northwest of Denver in Rocky Mountain National Park. Long's Peak is one of the three big 14ers (14,000 feet elevation) visible from the Denver area, the other two being Mount Evans, and, farther south, Pike's Peak. Every year people with inadequate preparation and experience try to climb this peak, get in trouble (or worse), and have to be rescued by the park service.

This painting features heavy impasto painting on the mountain making it appear to leap off the canvas. It dramatically shows the first rays of sun hitting the peak while the lower areas are in complete shadow.

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indiaartist said...

It has great light and shadow effects. I was curious about the dimentions but found it on your website. Great work. Thanks.

James said...

I would echo the same comments on the nice dramatic light and also wondered about the size.

This is the kind of painting that will catch you from across the room.

Carol Nelson said...

OK, I put the size in there. Thanks for the kind words, James. I looked at your blog and absolutely loved the silver creamer you did. I love painting reflective surfaces also. You have to really study them to get it right.

Debbie said...

Awesome. You are boldly expanding yourself and it makes me smile.

Carol Nelson said...

Thanks, Debbie. I have always vacillated between realism and abstraction. Love them both.
I admire your horses. I can see you have a fine sense of horse anatomy. As soon as I saw "Kiss My ***", I knew she was a quarter horse - very well painted.