Mother Lode, original acrylic abstract triptych

I was reading about Colorado's historic gold mines. The hardships endured by early miners were worth it if they were lucky enough to find the mother lode. This little triptych uses a variety of acrylic mediums including gold mica flake and micaeous iron oxide. I'm sorry the metalic aspects do not photograph well. To purchase, please see my website,, click on works, then abstracts.

For those of you who have been reading my blog for a while, you'll know that I sometimes take flight into the realm of abstract art. For me, it is SO DIFFERENT from my usual more realistic style. It is both liberating and demanding. As I've stated before, each abstract painting is like taking a journey with no map and no destination.....just winging it. I hope to soar for a while.


k. Madison Moore said...

Carol...this is just wonderful and fre spirited. I love that you go abstract from realism. Sometimes we just have to let it all gooo....!
Looks like waterfalls to me. Love it!

Carol Nelson said...

Thanks, Madison. That's what I think is cool about abstraction too, totally free spirited.