Maria, 12x16 original oil painting of Mexican girl

For a dollar, she struck this coquettish post, just like a pro. What a little sweetie, a dark-eyed beauty to be sure. Children in small Mexican villages often supplement their family's income by posing in their colorful outfits for tourists' cameras.
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LceeL said...

I just found your blog, today. As someone who is halfway through his first Wednesday-evening-from-7-to-9-for-6-weeks art class, I really appreciated seeing the evolution of the "Chestnut Trio" piece. As a 'new' artist, I find it helps a great deal to see other work 'in progress'. The problem is, that there isn't a whole lot of that out there. I'm glad yours is. BTW, it must be amazing to be able to paint every day. The more I paint, the more I want to paint. I am working on my first painting now (complete with a study to get a handle on the ticklish parts) and I am posting pictures of things as they move along. Thank you for having done the same. Your work is really good - I hope, someday, I can learn to paint as well as you do. Thanks, again.


Carol Nelson said...

Thanks, Lou. If you look back at my older posts, you'll see other paintings shown in stages. I'm more than happy to share the process.
Good luck with your art classes. I started that way myself about 8 years ago. I've learned a lot over the years and it has been truly a labor of love.