Two new workshops posted on my website.

Hello artists!

I just got back from an exciting 4 day workshop at Wenmohs Ranch in Texas, 

where I had a great time laughing, eating wonderful food, drinking wine, more laughing, and, oh yes, PAINTING with a great group of gals (and two guys).  

The class was made up of experienced artists as well as students who were new to mixed media and acrylics.

Stupid me, I didn't have my camera to record their masterpieces, and had to take photos with my cell phone, which is less than ideal.

On the day we did mixed media trees, I got a few decent shots of their work:

If you're at a stage in your art career where you want to try something different, something that will get you excited about your art, or just have a great time pushing paint around and enjoying the camaraderie of other artists, consider these workshops.

Upcoming workshops, with two new ones:
    March 15,16   Littleton, CO

    March 27-29  Westminster, CO

    April 15-19   Raleigh, NC

    May 6-7-9  Lacomb, LA (near New Orleans)

    Sept 2-5  Dillman's Resort, Wisconsin
  *  November 4-7  Dallas, TX

  *  Feb 17-20, 2014  Wenmohs Ranch, (near Austin, TX)


As you may know, I also offer private and semiprivate lessons in my studio in Colorado.  I currently have a student coming May 17-19, who would like to share the time with another student if possible.  Shoot me an email if you're interested in semiprivate lessons on those dates.

If you want more info on these workshops, please click here to go to my website.

I hope we meet at a workshop soon,


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Bren said...

They created some beautiful pieces. Great workshops