"GEMSTONE 11" mixed media geologic abstract © Carol Nelson Fine Art

This is the eleventh painting in my Gemstone Series.  I call them "effortless abstracts", because of the artist cannot over think it when creating one.

It's that random quality of the lines that adds to the appeal.  Of course, the vibrant transparent colors of my Golden fluid acrylic paints is a big part of it too.

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THIS IS MY 900TH POST TO THIS BLOG. I started this blog  in 1997 to talk about what is going on in my art studio.  At first, I was just like the tree in the forest that nobody heard.

Now, thanks to you, dear reader, I have hundreds of people around the world that read my blog every week, many more who subscribe to get my posts in their inbox every day, and even more who read my posts on my Facebook page.

What an age we live in, where the internet makes this all possible!

I can only say THANK YOU for your encouragement and enthusiasm about my work.  Your comments are so delightful to receive. 

I figure it will be sometime in 2013 that I hit the 1000 mark.
Hopefully, you'll still be enjoying what you see in this blog.  I will have to start planning something colossal for that post.

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