"Spring Eternal" 12076, acrylic floral triptych © Carol Nelson Fine Art

Spring Eternal

This is a redo of a painting I did a few years ago.  Here is the original version:

and here is the redo:

The biggest difference, of course, is thebackground going from black to butterscotch.  There are other added notes of
yellow-green and turquoise.

As you can see, it is painted on three 5x7 gallery wrap canvases.  I've shown them right next to each other, but you could also emphasize the triptych abspect by leaving a small space between them.

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Marla said...

What a huge difference that background makes! I see the other changes as well, but that color completely changes everything. I like the new version much better.

Karen Bruson said...


Nan Johnson said...

Love both versions! But that butterscotch background wins for me!

Ricardo Marrero Delgado said...

They are wonderful, impressive real job, I love the bright colors, congratulations greetings from his follower.