Summer Newsletter 1 - from Carol Nelson Fine Art

Hello Art Lovers and Subscribers!

It seems like the pace of my art doin's always picks up in the summer.
I just got back from giving a four day workshop in Texas, where 18 fabulous
artists were eager to learn some of my latest experimental techniques.

Here's some of the demo pieces I did for the group:

  "Gemstone 5"

This one was showing them how to do effortless abstracts using plastic
foam plates.

  "Sweet Poppies"

This painting used altered papers, including, in this case, text from a paperback
Hopefully, I didn't inadvertantly get a page with a steamy sex scene - or maybe
that would add something to the painting.  And yes, I HAVE done that before,
when, using newspaper print, I accidentally got an ad for erectile dysfunction
into my painting!


For you folks in the Denver area, this weekend you can visit me at my
booth, #169,  3rd and Grant, THIS WEEKEND. Yes, it is THIS WEEKEND.

I will have lots of new paintings to show you THIS WEEKEND.


My introductory 2 day workshop on Metals and Mixed Media still has space
available on July 13-14 in Ridgway, CO.  This is a great workshop to familurize
yourself with mixed media painting.  Everything's included - just bring your
paints and brushes.  You can read more about it on my website,
but the link is broken, so if you want more info, please email me directly.
(There is no "e" in Ridgway.)

That's all for now.  I've got to get busy framing some of my latest work for
the show this weekend. 
Spread the word about the Summer Art Market, and feel free to share this
newsletter with other art fanatics you may know.



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