Workshop in Littleton, CO

This is my demo piece from the second Littleton, CO, Metals and Mixed Media Workshop I gave over the weekend.  This piece is very three dimensional because the texture on the top part is made from cedar bedding that you would buy at the pet store for your pet hamster or gerbil.  While you're at the pet store, pick up some kitty litter because that makes great texture too.

The normal color of the cedar bedding is reddish brown and cream.  I enhanced that a bit. There is also some black sand sprinkled in there and some combusted red foil.  The wavy curly Q line is dimensional fabric paint by Tulip.  Click on the image for a close up view and click here to go to my website for purchase information.

Once again, the workshop was a really fantastic experience, judging from the reactions I received from the artists in attendance.  We experimented with ironing tyvek, torching metals, drilling holes for nails and brads, epoxy resin application, and using all kinds of unique and fabulous materials.

Most of the artists were experienced primarily with watercolors, so the versatility of acrylic paints, along with all the cool effects and unusual materials I introduced, really got their creative juices flowing.

Here's just a few examples of the fabulous work the class produced:

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Bren said...

These pieces look so yummy, love the resin on them, and all the wonderful textural elements and the deep colour and...wish you would do a Workshop DVD for those of us who don't live close enough to take a class with you :-)