"WHAT A PAIR" 11014 daily painter still life pears © Carol Nelson Fine Art

The idea with this little painting was to put down a stroke of color and then leave it there.  You can see lots of brush strokes.  There is an honest freshness to paintings done in this style.  It is impossible to muddle colors because the paint for each stroke is mixed on the palette and THEN applied - no mixing on the painting itself.  That's where some painters get into trouble and end up creating mud when they start messing around with paint already on the canvas. 
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Virginia Floyd said...

Lovely brushstrokes, Carol. Great job on this challenge.

Martha Kisling said...

Beautiful colors and I love your brushstrokes!

Jane Hunt said...

This looks great - I love seeing your brushstrokes like this!

Kathy Cousart said...

Love your pair of pears- wonderful brush work! Gorgeous colors- well done.

Ella Charette said...

Hi Carol,
Great work and I love the colours!

Take care,