"LIFE IS GOOD" daily painter hereford cows © Carol Nelson Fine Art

"LIFE IS GOOD" 16X20 oil on canvas
It all comes down to BEEF.  Here's another painting to commemorate the National Western Stock Show.  Yes, there's lots of events and lots of animals to be seen, but the prize that most tugs at the heart, is for the Grand Champion in the Junior Livestock competition.

4H youngsters raise their animals from birth to show ring.  The sale price of the Grand Champion steer is often over $100,000.  In the sad reality of what this is all about, the winning bidder is often a high priced RESTAURANT - there's lots of publicity in buying the Grand Champion.

You do see tears shed in this ritual.  Kids grow up knowing that the calf they've raised and pampered and nurtured will eventually meet the fate of all beef cattle.

Maybe that little guy in the painting will grow up to be Grand Champion.  For now, life is good for him and his mom.  For purchase information, please contact  me  at carolnelsonfineart@comcast.net.  This original painting is available as well as giclee reproductions.


Kathy Cousart said...

You painted a champion- great job and love the story to go with it.

AutumnLeaves said...

I'd be shedding tears too. These are some gorgeous cattle, Carol. Your range of painting subjects is awe inspiring.

Kim Blair said...

Interesting info about the competition. That size of prize could certainly be college fund money!
No one needs to ask, "where's the beef ?" in this painting...
Nice work Carol. I could see this on next year's poster for the show.