100 PORTRAITS IN 100 DAYS - Suzanne, 8/100, © Carol Nelson Fine Art

Day 8
I didn't go too wild with the colors on this portrait unless you call the purple hair wild. You would think that painting down cast eyes, such as this lady's, would not be a problem, but I had a terrible time with her right eye. Had to paint it and wipe it off about 3 times.

It seems like every portrait has it's own set of problem areas. On the bright side, by the time I've done a hundred of these, there probably won't be anything I haven't encountered.

Some people have inquired about my painting process, so today I'll discuss the supports I'm using for this project. I go to Home Depot and buy a 2 x 4 foot piece 1/4 inch thick MDF (medium density fiberboard). Then I have the HD folks cut it into 6 inch strips. When I get home I cut the strips into 6 inch sections on my table saw. The MDF board is a very smooth surface, which is essential for such detailed work.

Each 6x6 inch panel is then filed on the edges and gessoed. I'm using white gesso now, but think I will try black gesso in a future group. I may even do some in acrylic with collage materials. We'll see.

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AutumnLeaves said...

I am so enjoying these portraits you are doing, Carol! They are truly wonderful and I so wish I could have visited with Saundra yesterday. I am excited each day to see the next portrait. They are amazing!

Suzanne McLean said...

I don't know if it's appropriate to comment on a portrait of myself, but I just love it, purple hair and all! Sorry about the eye, Carol ;-)

Paintings by Irit Bourla said...

Your work is beautiful.
Every single one.

kim Blair said...

Hi Carol:
I am enjoying your new portrait series. Wonderful idea you have created to get going in a different, creative direction for the start of the new year.
So fun to see each new posting.

Dana Cooper Fine Art said...

This is a compelling and lovely piece, great going Carol!

Sharon said...

Hi Carol: this new one is my favorite!

Dean Grey said...


I think the slightly less wild colors are just right in this portrait.

Now too much and yet just enough "punch" to make her face sing!

You are on a roll, girl!!


Jenpainting - Jennifer Morrison said...

This one is my favorite! Not only did you capture her facial characteristics, you also captured her mood! It's Great!!