AUTUMN BEAUTY 1, 9082, sunken relief of autumn leaves

Inspired by the leaves piling up in my yard, I tried this sunken relief of leaves embedded in various plaster-like mediums. This one was patching plaster. I pressed the leaves into a thick layer of plaster, and plastered over them, then carefully lifted out the leaves, which you can see were all on one stem. The imprint of the leaves results in a sunken relief.
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Diana Marshall said...

That is such a cool idea, I haven't been too successful imprinting stuff on modeling mediums, good tip with the patching plaster though.Love the composition and the dimensions too.

Carol Nelson said...

Thanks, Diana. The patching plaster worked well. The problem, I'm finding out, is that after it dries, it is easily chipped. It is nowhere as hard as modeling paste - I use Liquitex brand - which has marble dust in it and dries to a very hard, dense surface.

Dean Grey said...


This turned out really well!

I love the simple color scheme. Golds and whitish yellows.

Very pretty!