PEACOCK RIDGE, 9077, mixed media geologic abstract with copper metal accents

When I was at my last outdoor art festival a customer asked me if I could do another version of an abstract I had for sale, but in a smaller format. The painting he was looking at was RAINBOW BLUFF, 9073. Scroll down and see my post from 9/9/09. I didn't/couldn't copy that painting exactly, but you can see that PEACOCK RIDGE (16x20), has many of the same design characteristics, which is what my customer was after.
Due to the metal and metallic paints, photographing the piece was a problem. The top picture was taken outside in the shade, the side view was taken inside my studio with artificial light. The blue tones in the outside shot are a little exaggerated, while they are minimized in the inside shot. Reality lies somewhere in between.


Suzanne McLean said...

I am really enjoying all these geologic abstracts, Carol. Very different than what I do. They are fascinating and inspiring, wonderful shapes, textures and colours.

Jean Levert Hood said...

I love your work! Your abstracts are so very expressive and full of life!