SHINING THROUGH, 9076, geologic abstract with texture and metallic elements.

This painting was fun from the very beginning. Sometimes I struggle with composition, textures and colors, resulting in multiple revisions, but this one seemed to paint itself. I did a red underpainting beneath the large black area and left it showing through in areas. Other red areas were painted with 3 different shades of red.
The gold was a liquid metal leaf product that was brushed on. Before painting the metallic gold area, I prepared the canvas with flexible modeling compound which covers up the weave of the canvas. You get a smoother look for the metal leaf product that way.
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April Jarocka said...

Hi Carol. Just wanted to say hi and to congratulate you on your beautiful paintings. I particularly love this style of abstract art and for their warm, earthy geologic feel.

All the best

Nancy Standlee said...

Carol, this painting is so exciting and thanks for sharing your method. I used some gold leaf in a small area of a painting recently and would like to explore the liquid. Wish I could take your workshop the 17th but I'll be in Houston taking one. Nice to see and meet you on DPAG I've signed up for your newsletter so I will know of future workshops.

Leslie Hawes said...

Your abstract work is fabulous!

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Carol...this is just beautiful. There are SO many elements to this I had to look for awhile! LOVE IT!