The Art House Canvas Project 2

I'm participating in the Art House Canvas Project 2. The Art House Coop is a gallery in Atlanta, GA, that sponsors art projects in which thousands of artists are invited to participate. They have many projects open for participation. The one I chose, Canvas Project 2, will exhibit all the submitted work at the Atlanta Airport and then at the Art House Gallery.
With this project, the artists receives five 3x3 mini canvases and a list of 5 words. The artist is to paint an interpretation of each word. My five words were FUSION, CONCAVE, LAPIDARY, INSIDE OUT, and BLIZZARD. It was fun to try to come up with a painting representing each word.
I finished them off with an epoxy coating, which is the glare you can see in the photos. Can you figure out the words represented by the five paintings?


DEB said...

Very nice! I completed my 5 Art House Project pieces awhile ago. You remind me that I should go check in and look around on the site to see some of the works others have finished.

I actually came to your blog to say I love your DSDF piece. The colors you chose work so well, and they are so vibrant!

Tracey Clarke said...

Carol, I signed up for this project, too....and then forgot all about it! I was so busy with Artomatic... Your project looks great!

(thx for following me;)

Dean Grey said...


I cannot believe these were only 3" x 3"!

How ridiculously small!

I LOVE the very top one. The splatters of paint look awesome. I love the look of the top one so much I demand you do a series in that style!

Now get to it! (^_^)


Dana Cooper Fine Art said...

This project looks like a lot of fun and your interpretation of each of the words is fabulous! What a fun idea!!