Celebration of Blue, 9035, metal and mixed media abstract

This metals and mixed media abstract features aluminum, pewter embossing metal, blue steel cut tacks, metal brads, acrylic modeling compound and acrylic metallic paints in an abstract composition. This is another painting for the upcoming Blue show at Third Floor Gallery in Parker, CO.
I really had fun with this one and, could it be, blue just might be my new favorite color. : - )
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Maike Josupeit said...

Hi Carol, you are a genius! I´m really impressed by these abstract things, especially the metal and blu.Thank you also for exlplaining the way you do this. Greetings from Germany, Maike

Kathleen said...

After seeing this piece, blue is now my favorite color.

Pat said...

Your work has inspired me to do something new and different. I especially like your explanations. Thank you for your blog.

Carol Nelson said...

Excellent, Pat!! I am all about trying new things. It keeps things exciting. Good luck.

Watercolorist said...

Your abstracts are so creative. Your expertise covers so many styles. I really love these two abstracts.

Dean Grey said...

Carol, I love this!

But....what size is it?

I personally love square shapes so I'm sort of partial to this one.

Very visually interesting to look at. I like the way the paint was scraped onto the canvas.

You're selling this painting short though.

There is so much more than just blue here. Gray-browns, warm orange-browns, muted greens, and other neutrals all side by side working wonderfully together.

That is not an easy thing to do, so good job with that!

And that metal square near the center, well, it just rules!


Carol Nelson said...

Thanks, Dean. The painting is 24x24 on birch panel. I'm making a simple maple frame, painted gloss black, for it that just looks awesome.

Kay Wyne said...

Carol, love your mixed media....the blues are fabulous. Great looking blog and website.