Metals and acrylics workshop

I gave my metals and acrylics workshop today to an enthusiastic, talented group. I covered supports, various metals and metal substitutes, methods of attatchment, use of Tyvek, composition, collage materials, texture, methods of presentation, and sources of art materials other than an art supply store, e.g. Home Depot, scrapbooking store, Michaels, etc.
We had a grand time and many participants came away with some very clever, attractive creations.
I hope to now have time to really kick in the painting - after all, I AM retired.
REVISION: I HATE it when I do this. I don't notice flaws in this piece until I saw it on my own blog!!!! DUH. I noticed that this abstract, which has a strong geometric element, was not EVEN.
The horizontal black stripe was going across at a slight angle, instead of 90 degrees like I intended. What to do? The glue had set, and I couldn't reposition anything without totally destroying it. Fool the eye was the only option - thus the angled lines in the upper section and on the metal section in the middle below the tacks. I also painted the sienna corrigated paper black so it blended the error. Now it works. Only a ruler reveals the error, and I'm not tellin'.
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Sheila said...

that sounds like such a fun workshop. You don't have any photos of your students and their work do you.

Carol you did FANTASTIC on your first DSFDF challenge. I love the background you chose.

Viviene said...

Wow! What wonderful work and thank you for the information on texture and building.

Deborah Ross said...

Carol, I wish I could have been at the workshop, it sounds as if lots of new ideas were shared.
As for painting more because you are retired, well, I am too, but it seems as if little things pop up all the time that take away from time in the studio. I hope you are more disciplined than I seem to be. And by the way, your wig painting was the best of the bunch so far.

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Carol, I loved the workshop! I have pages of notes...they are like gold! I posted a bit on the workshop on my blog yesterday...Sending anyone interested over to see your wonderful work! Thanks again!