Ensemble, 03808, revised, 24x24 original oil

Sometimes I have to live with a painting for a while before I know what's wrong with it. Today's painting is a case in point. I originally posted this on May 4th of this year (you can scroll down and see the original version). I never got around to varnishing is because I knew, deep down, it might need revisings.
All I added was another flower in the middle, toned down the edges on the purple verticle stripes, and added some drips. The composition is stronger in this version and I'm ready to varnish it now.
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Madison said...

Hi Carol,
This is a lovely piece. Very pretty! Hope all is going well
with you.

Josephine said...

I checked out the May 4th version and I think you made a great choice with this piece!

Carol Nelson said...

Thanks, Josehpine. I liked it much better after the changes. I THINK I'm done with it, but if it stays in my studio a while longer, who knows?.....