Rose Quartz, 24x24 acrylic geologic abstract

Another in my geologic abstract series, this painting has lots of texture and silver metal leaf. It features bronze, quinacridone crimson, burnt umber, silver and black acrylic paints. It reminded me of rose quartz, a rare mineral which, supposedly, promotes feelings of self worth.

If I had cherry cabinets, stainless appliances, and dark granite, I would want this for my kitchen. Oh, I've been watching too much Home & Garden television.

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I discovered you through dailypainters. Your realistic work is very impressive,,,,but loving the abstract, I find that yours are defintely in the WOW catagory! Really great work.


Carol Nelson said...

Thanks, Babs. I am encouraged at the number of favorable comments I've received on the abstract series.

michelle said...

Just stumbled across your site, beautiful work. Your studio looks very much like my own. It's hard to keep space tidy when you're absorbed in work. If my studio is too tidy it means I'm not painting enough.

Carol Nelson said...

Thanks, Michelle. I looked at your site and your work is very lovely. Love your still life fruit especially.