Still Life STudies of My Stuff: Salt & Pepper

Knights in White Satin oil painting by Carol Nelson

Still Life Studies of My Stuff: Salt & Pepper

I am having a lot of fun with these little paintings. It's so easy to find subject matter when you're painting your own stuff. I look at each painting as an exercise in composition, light, and color mixing. I have never painted on gessoed panels before, and it is very comfortable. If you look closely at these paintings you can see the brush marks from the underlayer of gesso used to prepare the panel. I COULD make those brushstrokes less obvious by using a softer brush, but I LIKE the texture it imparts to the painting surface.I was trying to come up with a title more original than Salt & Pepper because I think the shiny metal shaker tops remind me of helmets worn by knights in the ancient times. The glass is frosted, looking kind of, my title was Knights in White Satin, but my husband GROANED at that one. So, I went with the unimaginative title.....YOU can think of it as Knights in White Satin. Let me know what you think.
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