"Fantasia" mixed media abstract landscape © Carol Nelson Fine Art


Here's another of my muted palette mixed media pieces.  Lol - just kidding about the "muted" part.  This was a demo I did last week for some students taking semi-private instruction in my studio.

It started out as a monoprint, but in the following day or two, I kept adding stuff (acrylic drizzle skins, marbleized/stamped paper) to this painting. 

That's a joy/curse of mixed media - you never know when you're DONE!
Who knows? - I may add MORE stuff to this one (but probably not).

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"Inscrutable" mixed media abstract © Carol Nelson Fine Art

"Inscrutable" 8x8 inch, framed


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"C5," mixed media wall sculpture © Carol Nelson Fine Art


You're probably saying to yourself, What the heck is THAT?!  It's my latest wall sculpture.  It has rusted stuff, burlap, and some other things mounted on a 4x4 inch wood panel.

I got the idea from reading about Nkisi - an ancient art form from a tribe in the Congo.  They used a lot of nails in their figures which
were thought to contain spirits.

There's an artist in the U.K. by the name of Wayne Chisnall that has based some of his work on the Nkisi too.  His boxes are amazing.

As you can see, the nails are carefully rusted before use.  The circular part at the bottom of my sculpture is made from glue from a glue gun.  When it gets hard, you can paint it with iron paint and rust it as if it were metal.  So cool.

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Dillman's Resort Workshop/Retreat



This is the beautiful flyer put out by Dillman's Creative Arts Foundation.  It's about my workshop in Wisconsin April 17-22, 2014.

I'm not a computer whiz, so I can't get this to be larger or easier to read, BUT, there is complete READABLE info on my website and Dillman's website. 

This will be a small group with LOTS of individual attention from me.

"C3" mixed media 3D wall sculpture with found objects © Carol Nelson Fine Art


This is my latest "combination", as Robert Rauschenberg called his 3D work.  It is a collection of found objects and miscellaneous junk.  I painted each object with Iron Paint (Modern Masters) and then applied the activator to create rust.

It makes anything - paper, plastic, wood, metal - look like rusted metal.  I love the look. 

These are really fun to make, but more complicated than I originally thought.  Each one is a little construction project.  It's not that easy to get everything arranged in a visually pleasing, yet physically stable, configuration.

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"Overview 2" mixed media abstract painting © Carol Nelson Fine Art

"Overview 2"
"Overview 2"
As you can see by comparing the two images above, I tweaked the values and improved the painting so much.  I also added a "sun".

This painting is similar in method to the one I posted yesterday.  The Gessobord panel on which it is painted, was heavily textured before the paint (Golden Fluid and/or Golden High Flow) was poured on it.

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"Overview" textured abstract painting © Carol Nelson Fine Art

This is a demo painting from my recent workshop at The Gallery at Midtown in Dallas, Texas.  Thanks to Teta Smith for taking care of my every need and making me feel like a Diva.

Thanks also to Dana Brown at Ampersand for donating 11x14 Gessobord panels for the class.  They make beautiful surfaces for this textured pour technique.

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"Iron Strata" mixed media abstract © Carol Nelson Fine Art

I was pounding things flat with a hammer and my new anvil today.  This painting was sitting near the table I was working on.

It's a painting I did about a year ago.  I've brought it to several workshops as an example of using paper to look like rusted iron (using iron paint.)

This curled piece of flattened copper wire looks great as a little embellishment on this painting.

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My new anvil arrived in the mail.  It works much better than the home-made anvil I was using, and it's not as noisy when you pound on it.  It flattens wire in a couple of strokes.

If you like to add little metal embellishments into your mixed media work, you might want one of these.

I got mine at Bead USA,Inc.