Abstract mixed media collage landscape, "Sonoran Sunset" © Carol Nelson Fine Art

"Sonoran Sunset"  12x36 inches, by Carol Nelson

This is a multi-textured collage made using my "sandwich technique." I have a giant plastic bag of left over scraps of materials left over from other projects. There are also pieces of torn sandwiches from other projects.

 When I was thinking about making this painting, I went looking for my bag of leftover scraps. It was nowhere to be found! Suddenly I remembered that the day before my cleaning lady had been picking up in my studio.

 I ran in to the garage and looked in the trash can - yup, there was my bag of stuff. I can't blame her. It was laying on the floor of my studio, and looked for all the world like a bag of trash. Whew. Any mixed media artist has bags and boxes and containers full of the same kind of stuff. It looks like discarded trash, but it's the building blocks of future paintings!

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