Mixed Media Abstracted Tree Collage, "Scarlet Trees" by Colorado Mixed Media Abstract Artist Carol Nelson

"Scarlett Trees," mixed media collage by Carol Nelson

This painting was a demo in my recent workshop at Dillman's Resort in Wisconsin. When I was painting it in class, the reds were a little "pinkier".

 When I got home, I wanted to kick that red up to an orange-red - the color of my first Mustang. How I loved the color of that car!

I didn't have to paint it over though.

I just took out my miracle color, Golden's Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold, and put a thin layer of that over the whole painting. I wiped off some where the green and blue colors are. That's it!

 I just love the colors after that glaze of Nickel Azo. There is also that red/green thing going on, so it's extra vibrant.

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 10"x10"x1.0" Mixed Media on Panel

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Jan J. said...

This is gorgeous!