Abstract collage painting, "Sunny Mindset", © Carol Nelson Fine Art

"Sunny Mindset" , 36x24 inches, by Carol Nelson

This collage painting features my "sandwich technique" in which a random collection (a sandwich) of pre-made collage materials are placed on a painted background.  Notice how the black accents are carefully placed around the painting to keep the viewer's eye revolving around the focal area.  Also noticed that each black section is a different size and shape from the other black areas.  The same can be said for the pops of vibrant blue/turquoise.

 This technique was designed for the beginning mixed media painter who struggles with composition and is fearful of the Great White Void (the canvas.) For more information about this technique, please see Lesson 10 in my teaching video, "New Approaches to Mixed Media Materials" at Craftsy.com.  There is a link to the Craftsy site on the opening page of my website. 

For more information about this painting, please see my website, https://carolnelsonfineart.com/workszoom/2616669

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