Mixed Media Abstract Landscape, "Solitude" © Carol Nelson Fine Art

"Solitude", 18x18 inches, by Carol Nelson
I found that 18x18 inches is the perfect size to hang on a door.  Below you see it hanging on the inside of a guest bathroom door (note the appropriate name.)

Because the canvas is very light weight, and does not require framing, I can use on of those sticky hanger hooks right on the hollow core door.

This painting started out as a collage, be eventually the collage papers receded into the background as I muttered around trying to find the image.  After layers of paint, spraying with water, spraying with alcohol, scratching off layers, rotating the canvas around, etc., a landscape image finally revealed itself.

It's a very intuitive way to paint.  I did not start out with a landscape in mind.  The artist has to allow the paint to move around, and be observant as passages with potential reveal themselves.

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Raven In BC said...

Love this one, Carol. Nice size too!