Contemporary Abstract Painting, "Gemstone 30" by Colorado Mixed Media Artist Carol Nelson

"Gemstone 30" , 8x6 inches, by Carol Nelson

I can't believe this is my 30th painting in my gemstone series!

Although the photo doesn't show it, the center square is very glossy, while the rest of the painting is matte. I like the contrast of shiny/dull. Also, the center square is smooth, while the rest of the painting is rough texture - another contrast I like.

If you are interested in learning this process, the 3 hour workshop called "Effortless Abstracts" is offered at most of my art retreat events, such as Art & Soul, and Art of the Carolinas.

AND, speaking of the 30th painting in my gemstone series, I just noticed that seven blog posts ago, I passed the total of 1600 blog posts.  That's a LOT of blogging.  Thank you to my faithful readers.  I hope you have gotten some valuable painting tips, and enjoyed my work over the years.

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