Mixed media abstract painting, "Headlines" by Colorado Mixed Media Abstract Artist Carol Nelson

Mixed media abstract painting, "Headlines" by Carol Nelson

When you think about it, artists who paint in a realistic style, pretty much know when their painting is done.  They paint a still life or a landscape, and when they have achieved their best representation of that subject, they're done.

With abstracts, the point of being done is open to interpretation.
I'm reminded of a story about abstract expressionist Robert Rauschenberg.

He was house sitting for his friend and mentor, Marcel Duchamp, who was visiting in France.  Rauschenberg noticed a painting he had done hanging in Duchamp's home.  Since Rauschenberg was in his "black period", he PAINTED OVER the original painting with thick black paint.  Duchamp was not pleased with the redo of the painting.

Thus it is with paintings I have hanging in my home. I look at them critically all the time.  How could I make them better?  "Headlines" just came back from a gallery, where it did not sell.  This is what it looked like:

I actually like the first version, but I thought the MAUVE color might be the reason it had not found a home. I added tones of gold, sepia, and umber.

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