Colorful Contemporary Abstract Art "Anasazi-Mini" by Colorado Mixed Media Abstract Artist Carol Nelson

 I've chosen some of my favorite paintings to be made into bite-sized reproductions.
 In this collection of small canvas prints, each one arrives with its own little easel back. 

 The prints measure 6x6 or 5x7 inches, and are just perfect for adding a spot of artful color in  any nook or cranny in your home.

 Canvas Minis are made of a high-resolution canvas, mounted on a flexible black plastic  backing.  They look great without a frame, but are standard sizes if you wish to present them  with a small frame.

 7"x5" Giclee print on Panel


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  You've been asking for this for years! 

 Finally, I made an instructional video that you can purchase through

The video will become available on June 13, 2016.

Before the launch on the 13th, we will have a giveaway in the next

couple weeks to give readers a chance to win a free class!

This link will take you to the Craftsy signup/login page, offering

a chance to win the class for free.  A random winner will be

chosen on June 13th.

So many people around the world (literally) write me saying they

would love to attend one of my workshops, but they live too far

away to attend one.

This video is my approach to creating with mixed media.  The

information in it is like attending a 3-4 day workshop with me.

It's not just a bunch of techniques either, there is instruction 

on how I actually use these techniques in creating an abstract


Holes in Tyvek - it's a good thing.

Here I am working on the Craftsy set.  Those of you who have seen me work know that I am not this neat and tidy.  I have stuff all over the place, but my producer wanted to keep everything clean and organized.

Some examples of work that I will be discussing in the video.

1 comment:

Caroline said...

I recently came across your incredible art via Pinterest. I now have a dedicated Carol Nelson board. Not sure I have the superlatives to express how drawn I am to your abstract,mixed media. The depth within depth, the bursting vibrancy of colours (especially reds). The textures, I presume from other materials, only add to my fascination! So pleased to find this site & will continue to search & be absorbed (addicted to?) by your astonishing art!