"TUCSON" 12054 mixed media desert abstract © Carol Nelson Fine Art


This painting, with it's copper, turquoise, purple and sienna tones embodies the colors of the Southwest.  They are my favorite colors and they show up over and over again in my work.  Fortunately, for me, lots of other people collect art in these desert hues.

The detail above shows the cube forms made with acrylic medium.  I like lots of texture in my work and this painting begs to be touched.
I signed the painting on the back, but not on the front because it can be hung horizontally or vertically.

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Bren Graham Thebeau said...

You know I love this. Wonderful design and these are my colours too! Stunning piece

Harmony Thiessen said...

This is just FABULOUS. I am so excited to think I get to study with you in August in the mountains. This is exactly the kinds of things I want to improve on..from texture to color range. SO excited!

Taygan said...

What do you use to achieve the texture in your pieces? I'm a big fan of texture myself and am always looking for more ways to achieve different levels and types of texture in my pieces.