"IN THE GROOVE" 11058 daily painter textured copper abstract © Carol Nelson Fine Art


If I were Donald Trump, I would have said "You're fired" to me.
THis is a complex painting with two parts, separated by a thin gap, covered with clear resin, and mounted on a larger board.

The last step in assembly of this piece is to glue the two painting panels on to the mounting board.  I use Gorilla glue for this process.

I applied the glue, carefully positioned the two pieces, and put something heavy on each piece.  I KNOW that as Gorilla glue creates the bond, it bubbles and expands a bit. 

You have to keep a close eye on your painting to make sure it stays where you want it.  Even with weight on it, it can move.

After I had it all weighted down, I went to check my email FOR JUST A FEW MINUTES.  (Here's where I fire myself)  I got too involved reading email, and when I came back to check this painting, both the top and bottom parts had moved 1/2 inch to the right and were now immovable.

I couldn't BELIEVE it.  I tried to reposition them, but it was no use.  The only solution was to cut 1/2 inch off the wider side.  This is not easy to do with a ancient radial arm saw.

I was oh so careful in measuring and cutting off that 1/2 inch. I had the resin coated parts wrapped in plastic wrap to protect them.  Fortunately, it turned out great.  What makes me mad is that I KNOW BETTER!!

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So now my new rule for myself is to set a timer to check on paintings being glued.  The other rule I have, which I learned the hard (and expensive) way, is to never back my minivan up to the garage entrance.  If the tail gate is up and someone (like me, for example) hits the button to lower the garage door instead of the button to lower the tail gate, bad things happen.


Nan Johnson said...

This is a complex painting and I like that. The colors are wonderful and the design is terrific. Like this one alot.

And you had me laughing about the minivan, because I can see me doing this. Oh the lessons we learn, the hard way!

Nancy Standlee said...

Whatever the trouble, you sure grabbed it out of the "fire" and it looks fantastic.

Sandy Sandy Art said...

The colors are stunning! All's well that ends well.

Bren Graham Thebeau said...

The minute you said gorilla glue I knew what was coming! Still you found a solution and the final piece is just stunning. The design elements are wonderful coupled with your colour combos, what a piece. As for the van and the garage doors, ouch!

Carol Nelson said...

I did break the rear window on my van one time. What a mess, and, of course there was the $500 deductable. Then a few months later, I did the SAME THING. That time, fortunately, the garage door did not hit the glass and there was no damage.
After that, I realized I cannot be trusted.
Now, when I'm unloading my van (usually after doing an outdoor art show), I stop before I get to the garage door. It's a few more steps to unload everything, but it's safer.

Allan Lister, artist said...

That sounds like my lifetime of various projects! As a professional clown for 30 years, most of my projects were one-of-a-kind. They were usually designed on paper they constructed. Of course they didn't work. I would then have to rebuild them. I have over 1000 props and magic tricks I am now trying to get rid of. Now I have returned to painting, It has happened a couple times! I really love your work. Your colors are wonderful. I really appreciate the textures