100 OIL PORTRAITS IN 100 DAYS - Jake, 76/100, © Carol Nelson Fine Art

Day 76
This is Jake, who lives in Australia.  I loved all his laugh lines.  He looks like he laughs a lot.  I decided to paint the background pretty much as it is in the photo because I like the linear quality of it with large blocks of neutral colors.
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AutumnLeaves said...

A right fine looking gentleman here, Carol. I find myself wondering if he is Irish...there is just a certain something. Beautiful job as always! Hoping your husband is feeling better and betterer and bestest quite soon!

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Love those laugh lines! Leave it to you to make him look better than if he didn't have them! Love the fashioning of the face, and his hair...NICE! Wish you were here today...I'm attempting the oil version of the acrylic I did with you of me...for school...YIKES!

Lokelani Forrest said...

Great job Carol. He looks like such a happy person.

Dean Grey said...


You captured the character of his face perfectly!


Bobbi Heath said...

This one is especially nice! You really captured the jolly-ness. And I agree, he surely does look Irish.