100 OIL PORTRAITS IN 100 DAYS - Frank, 78/100, © Carol Nelson Fine Art

Day 78

This is Wisconsin artist and educator, Frank Juarez. When I did Frank's portrait, I thought I would try letting the underpainting show through on the bottom.
I subscribe to several art magazines (The Artist Magazine, International Artist, Southwest Art, and American Art Collector). I think these magazines have their finger on the pulse of what's contemporary in American art. I see a lot of portraits done many different styles. One style is to have the face very detailed and fully finished while the rest of the portrait very loose and sketchy. Often you will even see bare canvas showing through.
A 6x6 format is not really large enough to show this style of painting, but I did a little of it on the bottom of this portrait. See how the shirt just fades away? I can't say letting bare canvas show is my cup of tea. Proponents of this style say it lets the viewer see the process. As a viewer, I want to see the complete painting and if I want to see the process I'll go to the artist's studio and watch!
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AutumnLeaves said...

You've put the light and spirit into Frank's eyes that are missing from the photograph. Beautifully done, Carol.

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

thanks for the lol this early morning Carol! I like the way the underpainting kinda shows through on bottom...and I'm glad you are playing...a perfect time to do so...though not that many to go!! Excellent as usual my friend!

Anonymous said...

You are so talented. Each personality just shines through in your portraits. I love how you let the underpainting show a bit at the bottom.