RAINBOW BLUFF, 9073, mixed media geologic abstract

This large painting (30x40inches) positively GLOWS with colors. It has lots of acrylic medium adding texture and copper metal accents. Once again, I'm in the geologic abstract mode. I've seen rock formations in the West that are (almost) this colorful.

Having several metallic paints in the painting presents a challenge for lighting the photograph. The top version was taken outside and the blues are much stronger. The second version was an interior shot with incandescent and halogen lighting. The true colors of this painting are somewhere in between the two.

I'll never forget a workshop I took with Stephen Quiller several years ago when I was just starting to paint. The group was outside watching Steve do a demo painting of some trees and a stream. Pointing to the rocks along the stream bed, he talked about the colors in the rocks -lavender, peach, mauve, turquoise, etc. To me they just looked like brown rocks, but upon closer inspection, all those colors were actually there. That was the beginning of my "artist eye."

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Vern Schwarz said...

Beautiful Carol. I love the textures and iridescent colours.

Barb said...

I love it! It makes me think of Sedona Az.

Maike Josupeit said...

I love your colors so much. I know what you mean with the stones, the same happend yesterday in the zoo, when I was sketching the black rhinos. The longer I stared the more colors I saw:)

Dean Grey said...


I love the colors in this one! They remind me so much of a sunset.

Very pretty!