This painting is on four 12x12x2 inch canvases. The 2 inch depth makes for a dramatic wall presence. The flowers are heavily textured with a mixture of acrylic heavy gel and modeling paste.
The ribbon around the edges is painted with gold metallic acrylic and the center background is painted with bronze metallic. These metallic touches are highly transparent and are only visible as the light glances off as you walk by the painting.

For a tutorial on how I add texture to an acrylic painting, see this earlier post from this blog:
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whit said...

I love this painting! I came across your work by searching for "adding texture to acrylics." I was hoping you could tell me what brands you used for the acrylic heavy gel and acrylic modeling paste. Where would I purchase these?

Carol Nelson said...

Thank you, Whit. There is one product that I recently discovered that combines the gel and modeling paste. It is by Liquitex and is called FLEXIBLE MODELING PASTE.
Available at all art supply stores.