POPPY TRIPTYCH, 03308, acrylic floral painting on 3 canvases

I like experimenting with multiple canvases. I've done many diptych, triptych, and even quadtych paintings. This is the same floral reference photo I used for Poppy Quadtych posted a couple weeks ago.

If you look carefully, each flower is outlined in yellow-gold. I left a white boarder around each flower, then the final step was to paint the boarder with quinacridone gold acrylic paint (Golden brand.) I love that tube of q. gold. It'l like sunshine in a tube. It's so transparent, it only shows on the white areas.

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Kristen said...

Hey- you're expanding my vocabulary! I love paintings in parts. I haven't done many myself, but it's on my list of things to try this summer.

I also really like the way you approached the edges of the canvas.

Do you have any pointers on avoiding smudges before the paint is dry?