Geometric abstract, "A Scattering of Red" © Carol Nelson Fine Art

"A Scattering of Red", 24x24 inches, by Carol Nelson

You would think a geometric abstract would be easy to pull off, but I struggled with this one. Originally, I had some large circular elements in the design.

 After looking at the painting hanging on the wall for a month, I finally decided the circles had to go. That meant a substantial rework of several areas was needed.

 It's just a fact that not all paintings flow off the easel easily. Some require the artist to struggle through several adaptations of her original concept before a satisfactory painting emerges. Often times, just identifying what's not working is the hardest part.

 I consider myself to be an experienced painter, and painting problems STILL happen every once in a while. For more information about this painting, click here to go to my website.

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