Art & Soul Retreat - Minneapolis, MN

Art & Soul Students, Thank you for registering in my classes. Glenny Moir (the organizer for Art & Soul) has opened up 4 new spots in each of my classes. If you missed out because my classes were full at 16, they have now been increased to 20.

 The problem is that other teacher's classes have been very slow to fill. The event may have to be cancelled. There may be an alternative location in which I can hold my classes, however. I am investigating this.

 I would not buy airfare to Minneapolis, unless it's a refundable ticket, at this point. We should know more by the end of this month. This is my first time teaching at ARt & Soul. I understand that the Portland and Virginia Beach events are always very successful.

 This is the first year for the Minneapolis location. Stay tuned. Let me know if you have questions/suggestions, etc.

 Thanks, Carol

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