Acrylic Portrait Painting "Pam & Paul" by Carol Nelson

There is an interesting story behind this portrait. I do not know the couple, or their story. The AARP  recognizes the immense responsibility caregivers have in caring for a loved one. Their project called Portraits in Care features portraits of caregivers and their loved one from all 50 states and US territories.

I'm not sure how they got my name, but I was asked if I would like to paint a portrait for the project. Unfortunately, the reference photo I was emailed was one I would have rejected for my 100 Portraits project. It was not a close up of their faces, and, even worse, was a flash photo. Flash reflects in glasses, and flattens out the features of the face. For privacy reasons, I'm not going to publish the photo.

All the portraits painted by different artists around the country will be on display in Washington DC, and then at AARP headquarters.
I was paid for my work.  I think it was an honor to be an artist included in the project.

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Carmen Beecher said...

Carol, I too was chosen to contribute a portrait for Portrait of Care, and I feel honored to be part of it; however, my photo was not great either and included a Christmas tree in the background. I feel very close to Sherri and Woody after spending so much time with them! I have strong feelings about caregivers and their challenges, so I am really proud to be in the exhibit.