Mixed Media Contemporary Abstract Art "Deliberation", © Carol Nelson Fine Art

"Deliberation" 36x24 abstract by Carol Nelson
This painting is a departure from my usual trees and geologic abstracts. It is purely a nonrepresentational abstract focusing on strong values and design. There are a few textural elements in the form of rocks and tyvek. Also a subtle touch of metal leaf.

Sometimes an artist is lucky, and the painting flows easily on to the canvas. It almost paints itself. Other times there is a stuggle with conflicting colors, designs, and concepts. These paintings require multiple revisions. This painting is in the latter category.

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Sue Marrazzo said...

This is so NICE!
You are so creative and inspiring!

Neeti Hegde said...

I am an artist from Mumbai, India. Love your work, the textures, yes they do look like geological surfaces. Wonderful!!!