Mixed media abstract painting, "Sunken Treasure" Carol Nelson Fine Art

"Sunken Treasure", 30x24 mixed media by Carol Nelson

 This painting has some interesting things added to it. The "treasure" is bits of gold colored metal from a necklace, and gold painted wood pieces. Considering the watery appearance of the rest of the painting, it wasn't hard to come up with a title.

 I tried something different for the finish on this painting. It has Golden's Self Leveling Clear Gel in a relatively thick layer. I poured it on and spread it around with a brush. The gel "produces a smooth, even, flexible, glossy film of excellent clarity with water and UV resistance." It is very shiny, and certainly easier to work with than smelly varnish.

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Johanna Cellucci said...

Hi Carol, finally back to visiting the blogs. Surprised me not having seen this on FB first. Very interesting piece and title. Each of your pieces is so unique!

lowcheck kian said...

I am in searching of some good stuff.Finally i have found your blog which is superb.It's really very interesting.All posts at your blog are innovative and awesome.

Diana Hobson said...

Oh my, this is stunning. I love the colors; it’s amazing. Reminds me of the clean, turquoise waters of the ocean. Absolutely beautiful! Fantastic post.

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