Textured Mixed Media Abstract Painting "Vienna Inspiration” by Colorado Contemporary Mixed Media Artist Carol Nelson

"Vienna Inspiration" 40x10 mixed media by Carol Nelson

If ever I could say the photo doesn't do the painting justice, it is this one. The painting is on an oak cabinet door that measures 40 x 10 inches.  I used gold metal leaf as the initial layer on the panel, then added a number of mixed media materials including guilded paper, tyvek, ribbon with metal-look studs, and black glass gems.

The textured elements are recessed in the cabinet door and covered with a layer of resin.  This is a piece that cannot be separated from the frame, which is finished with hammered copper paint. 

So, why, you may ask, is it called "Vienna Inspiration"?  We just returned from a cruise on the Danube where Vienna was one of the ports of call. The Belvedere Palace in Vienna is the home of several famous paintings by Austrian painter Gustov Klimt.  

I actually stood in front of "The Kiss".  I would have loved to take a photo, but they were not allowed.

"The Kiss" - Gustov Kilmt, 1908

Then, I came upon a shocking revelation.  Another of his paintings, "The Serpent," looked very familiar.  I realized that the patterns in the painting are the very same as those in a rug in my family room!!!  GASP! 

Klimt-inspired rug
When I bought the 6x8 rug a few years ago, I had no idea it was inspired by a Klimt painting.  I just loved the colors and patterns. 

I just had to try to do a Klimt-inspired painting.  I especially like works from his "gilded period" where he made liberal use of gold leaf.  "Vienna Inspiration" is the result.

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Donna Vines said...

I just love this piece Carol, the pattern, the flow, the colors and use of materials. Keep that inspiration going.

gomsyhalkins said...

Looking awesome..........!!!!!!

Thanks for introducing such fine arts with us.

Lee Arnold